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Bear With Us As This Page Is Being Completed, Feel Free To Scroll Down To Our Finished Work On Some Some Of The Fiberglass And Carbon Fiber Repairs And Construction On Area Race Cars.

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John Campbell "1964 Chevy II": Restoration, Fiberglass, and Paint

John Campbells Chevy Nova Fiberglass and PaintJohn Campbell set out to restore his 64 Chevy II but instead it became a drag racer. The shell of a body was restored, Fiberglass fitted and installed.

Campbell laid on a heavy dose of yellow enamel with brilliant metal flake to make it sparkle and show off the clean lines. A sponsor also of the Atco Raceway 12.0 Index and 10.0 Index. Campbell was a competitor with tight ties to the racing community.

John Campbell's talents are not only in his C2itEnterprises business, he is also an accomplished musician playing in the hottest Oldies Rock and Roll Band in New Jersey, The Weekenders Band.


Joe Newsham "2003 Outlaw 10.5" Cobra Mustang: Fitted Carbon Fiber Front End

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Joe Newsham Front End afterSide by side you can see the difference of the original street style twin turbo front end as times changed so did the need for lighter front ends and more power.

Newsham, a four time champion with the new carbon fiber front end had it fitted by C2itEnterprises to his very critical specifications. The need for strong panels is of optimum concern when Newsham has recorded speeds of over 220MPH in the 1/4 mile with no deflection, cracks or blistering; the job was done perfect.

Newsham's Cobra suffered a terrible accident at the Shakedown at E Town 2009 destroying the car and the work involved but is OK and C2itEnterprises will surely be called upon to take on the task of having involvement in the new car now being built.

Campbell is a long time contractor for Joe Newsham as his many other cars have also been modified for racing by C2it.
Visit Joe Newsham's Website at www.jandeperformance.com


Bill Verzilli "Outlaw 8.50 Index" 1969 Camaro: Massive Fiberglass Cowl Hood Repair

Bill Verzilli Cowl Hood RepairBill Verzilli was in need of a new hood once the larger engine was installed with the giant intake system. Verzilli ordered a new 9 inch cowl induction hood that was heavily damaged in shipping by a forklift shoving its stakes through the cowl hood. Time was short for the racing season and a new one could not be replaced in time.

C2itEnterprises was called on to repair and fit the badly damaged hood in time for competition.

Not only did the hood need major modifications to fit properly but the scoop was repaired as needed and the black paint will tell of any imperfections, none are there. The hood is as smooth if not better than an original after being finished, gel coated and painted.

Visit Bill And Susan Verzilli's Website at www.verzilliracing.com


Jerry Morgano "Outlaw 10.5 Cobra Mustang": Twin Turbo Inlets Installed

Jerry Morgano Before Single Turbo InletJerry Morgano After Twin Turbo InletsJerry Morgano once known as the quickest single turbo small block ford in the country needed to step up from the standard stock type front end to the sleeker versions now seen in the before and after photos.

Morgano commissioned John Campbell to close the opening of the fiberglass front end and insert the twin turbo inlets to his specifications.

Morgano has been well known for having one of the finest and most detailed cars in the racing venue. The final product was nothing short of brilliant in style, performance and finish with the smooth blend of C2itEnterprises hard work to create a piece of artwork inside the new grille opening of this amazing car.

You can visit Jerry Morgano's Website at www.venemousmotorsports.com


Tom and TJ Kasper "Outlaw 10.5" Lincoln: Twin Turbo Inlets Installed

Kasper Racing Single Turbo Lincoln BeforeKasper Racing Twin Turbo Inlets AfterOnce one of the strangest combinations in Outlaw 10.5 racing is the single turbo Lincoln owned by Tom Kasper of Kaspers Korner which was in need of a power upgrade from single turbo to twin turbos, with that came the added efficiency that twin turbo inlets provided.

Kasper Racing took the Lincoln to C2it and had John Campbell fill the original grill with a new solid opening and twin inlets carved out to flow into the now twin turbocharged small block Ford engine.

This alone was another task of working on finishing the smooth transition only a car in black can show in imperfections, Both Tom and driver TJ Kasper gained more power with the finished product.

You can visit Team Kasper Racing at www.kasperskorner.com


Doug Harris "2006 Outlaw 10.5 GTO": Custom Front End Repair and Fit

Doug Harris Custom Hood RepairEarly in the season of outlaw 10.5 racing, things took a major turn, cars like the very popular "GTO" began showing up in the class, and the only problem was getting parts that fit the rules for this class at the time. Doug Harris was one of the fortunate ones to come across a used front end but it had its problems; a large hole in the middle of the hood where the prior owners of the front end had its intake bulging through.

This was not at all acceptable for the Harris Racing Team so off to C2it the front end went to undergo major rebuilding to fill an enormously stressed area of the front end when cars like these reach speeds over 200MPH. The hood was refinished and fitted at C2it and now resides above a healthy power plant for more competition and a solid foundation of fiberglass reconstruction.

You can visit Harris Storage at www.harrisstorage.com

Drag Racing Photos Courtesy Of www.goDragRacing.org

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